What to Expect on a Las Vegas Party Bus Ride

Have you ever seen a Las Vegas party bus? Or taken a ride? Once you do, you’ll see what all the hype is about – it really is the ultimate in VIP transportation.

You’ll get your chance to cruise the Vegas Strip in style when you join a Party Bus Inc club crawl. Our Sin City dayclub tours feature one fabulous ride, and our nightclub crawl partiers get to enjoy our epic Las Vegas party bus twice.  

We know you’re going to love the next-level experience. But if you’re curious about what awaits when you climb aboard our party bus, here’s a peek.

Expect to Enjoy Vegas-Style Luxury

Picture the gloss and grandeur of the legendary Sin City dayclubs and nightclubs (even if you’ve never been inside, you’ve no doubt heard about their opulence). Now, imagine that same level of luxury, but on wheels, and you know what a Las Vegas party bus is like.

Want specifics? Count on lounge-style leather seats, fiber-optic lighting, flat-screen TV’s and an open, spacious interior. Our Las Vegas party bus is quite posh, and riding it definitely makes you feel as if you’re living the VIP lifestyle.

Expect to Take Advantage of an Open Bar

Our party bus absolutely has an open bar! It wouldn’t be VIP transportation otherwise, now would it? Besides, when you’re on a Sin City club crawl, you want to keep the fun times flowing – and not having any booze on the bus would be a total downer.

We invite the partiers on our Sin City dayclub tours and nightclub crawls to put the open bar to good use. Whether you have one free drink or a few, enjoying alcoholic beverages on our Las Vegas party bus means you won’t need to buy as many cocktails in the clubs. That’s a win in anyone’s book!

Expect a Wild and Crazy Adventure

Did we mention the heart-pumping music? Just like all of the best Sin City daytime and nighttime hotspots, our Las Vegas party bus has a killer sound system – and our club crawl partiers get to pick the tunes.

The music will be rockin’, and there’s plenty of room (and a tall enough ceiling) for everyone to show off their best dance moves. Plus, our Sin City party bus is equipped with several stripper poles. Take a spin, or watch your friends get their groove on – either way, you know it’ll be extremely entertaining!

Next Steps...

With Party Bus Inc, all of our dayclub and nightclub crawls let you cruise the Vegas Strip like a boss – and kicking it with us doesn’t take big bucks. What’s not to like about that? For a fantastically fun Las Vegas party bus ride (or two), book your pool party or nightlife tour tickets now!