Meeting the Code – How to Dress for a Night Out in Las Vegas

Figuring out what to wear for a night out in Las Vegas isn’t easy. Upscale club attire is the usual recommendation, but that’s pretty vague. So how are you supposed to dress? Is there anything you cannot wear? What happens if you show up in the wrong outfit?

Below, the nightlife experts at Party Bus Inc answer all of your top questions about how to get gussied up for a night out in Las Vegas.

What Isn’t Allowed at the Las Vegas Nightclubs?

The official dress code varies from nightclub to nightclub, but certain gear is almost guaranteed to get you turned away at the door. When you’re deciding on an outfit for your night out in Las Vegas, avoid this attire:

  • Jerseys, sweats and athletic apparel of any sort
  • Baggy, ripped or torn clothing
  • Capris and casual shorts
  • T-shirts and tank tops
  • Hats, sunglasses and gaudy accessories
  • Sheer, see-through clothes
  • Sandals, flip-flops, boots and tennis shoes

What Do Ladies Wear on a Night Out in Las Vegas?

Most ladies go with a short, stylish LBD or cocktail dress. Gals who don’t like wearing dresses typically wear sleek designer jeans along with a sexy fitted top. Heels, pumps or stilettos are a must for any girls going on a night out in Las Vegas – but many stash a pair of rollup flats in their handbags.

With massive crowds of people inside, the top Sin City nightclubs get rather hot. For that reason, wise women make sure to wear cool, breathable clothing.

What Do Guys Wear on a Night Out in Las Vegas?

Guys need to keep cool, too, but wearing the right gear is crucial. Men usually opt for dark designer jeans or dress pants with a button-up shirt, vest or lightweight sports coat. Suits are also acceptable, but they must be tailored – the nightclub doormen turn away guys in ill-fitting suits.

Men also need to make sure their clothing is pressed. Wrinkled gear is frowned upon, as it tends to look a little sloppy. So, any guy who plans to spend a night out in Las Vegas should spend a little time with an iron first.

What if Your Outfit Isn’t Up to Par?

If the doorman doesn’t like what you’re wearing, you’ll have to go change clothes – it’s that simple. You won’t get through the red velvet ropes if you aren’t dressed for a night out in Las Vegas.

Next Steps...

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