Going on a Vegas Club Crawl? How to Have an Epic Party Experience

You can count on having a blast when you’re on a Las Vegas club crawl with Party Bus Inc. We hit the best Sin City party hotspots, offer amazing VIP perks and provide crazy fun luxury transportation – exactly what you want.

So, to have your dayclub or nightclub adventure cut short for any reason would be devastating. To make sure your party time goes as planned, take a look at our top tips for having an epic Las Vegas club crawl experience.

Wear the Right Gear for the Las Vegas Clubs

To get past the red velvet ropes at the hottest Sin City nightclubs and pool parties, you need to look like you belong – and everyone is always dressed to impress.

If your attire isn’t appropriate, the bouncer won’t let you inside. Arguing is pointless, and the fact that you’re with us isn’t going to make a difference. For anyone going on a Las Vegas club crawl, meeting the dress code is a must.

Bring Only What You Need for the Vegas Club Crawl

Ladies might need a few extras, but some cash, a credit or debit card, your cell phone and a valid government-issued ID or passport is all you really need to bring on a Las Vegas club crawl.

Partying is the goal, after all, and you don’t want to have to keep watch over a bunch of stuff. Plus, if you lose something, you’re probably not going to have much fun. So, it’s best to leave all of the unnecessary gear – and all of your valuables – back at the hotel.

Don’t Head Out on a Vegas Club Tour on an Empty Stomach

Feeling like getting a bite to eat before you head out on your Las Vegas club crawl? Really, it doesn’t matter – you should go ahead and have a snack or light meal, even if you aren’t that hungry.

If you drink when your stomach is empty, you’ll get drunk pretty quickly. And if you reach your limit early on, you might not make it all the way through the Sin City nightclub or dayclub tour. Don’t let that happen – just eat something before you go out to kick it.

Drink Plenty of Water During the Club Crawl – Not Just Booze

Speaking of drinking, don’t stick to alcoholic beverages. Make a point of having at least one glass of water at every stop on your Las Vegas club crawl.

Why water? Staying hydrated is crucial if you want to stay on your feet until the Sin City nightclub or pool party tour is over. And, by drinking plenty of water along with your cocktails, you may be able to ward off the dreaded post-party hangover.

Next Steps...

Planning ahead is to your advantage, as our Sin City dayclub and nightclub tours often get completely booked. To reserve your spot on a Las Vegas club crawl with Party Bus Inc, contact us today.