The Do’s and Don’ts of Las Vegas Nightlife Etiquette

When you’re exploring the Las Vegas nightlife scene with Party Bus Inc, you don’t have to be on your absolute best behavior. Everyone gets a little wild in Sin City – and we expect the partiers on our nightclub crawls to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

But, this doesn’t mean you can go completely off the rails. To make the most of your Sin City nightlife adventure, you need to follow a few basic guidelines. Below, the pros at Party Bus Inc share their best etiquette tips.

DO Arrive at the Right Time for Your Las Vegas Nightlife Experience

Las Vegas nightlife tour groups meet up at a specific time and location – be there, and be punctual, or the club crawl will start without you. Joining later is an option, but your friends will certainly miss your presence. Plus, being late means you’ll have less party time!

DON’T Dis the Doorman

You won’t wait in line or pay cover charges on a Party Bus Inc nightclub crawl, but you can expect a once-over from each venue’s doorman. If you get pulled from the group for any reason, turn the matter over to your Las Vegas nightlife tour guide. Argue, fuss or disrespect the doorman in any way, and you may be banned from entering the nightclub at all.

DO Get Your Groove On In The Las Vegas Nightlife Scene

Of course you want to bust a move on the dance floor – that’s what it’s there for, right? Absolutely, so make sure you’re out there dancing. Everyone else out on the floor is feeling the music of the Sin City nightlife scene, and no one likes it when people just stand around.

DON’T Bother the DJs

Asking the nightclub DJ to play your favorite song is a definite no-no. The DJs that work the Las Vegas nightlife scene are professionals, and they know how to entertain the massive crowds – and their plans don’t include taking song requests.

DO Remember to Tip

If you get great service from a cocktail server, bartender or your Las Vegas nightlife tour guide – which is highly likely – offer a tip. Rewarding others for their hard work in making your night amazing isn’t required, but it is the right thing to do.

DON’T Party Too Hard While Enjoying Las Vegas Nightlife

You’re pretty much guaranteed to have a blast on a Party Bus Inc Las Vegas nightlife tour. But, the good times could come to a quick end if you’re behavior isn’t up to par. Get involved in an altercation, become stupid drunk or toss your cookies everywhere, and nightclub security may kick you out.

Are you ready to have the time of your life exploring the Sin City nightlife scene? Whether you’re in town to celebrate a special occasion or just looking for an epic evening out at the hippest Sin City party hotspots, a Party Bus Inc nightclub crawl offers the VIP-style experience you want at a price you can afford.

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